Saturday, 27 December 2008

Rono's visit :)

Couple of days back I got a call from a guy who came to know me through my blog and a mutual friend.
Now Rono is a lawyer in Kolkata and graduated from Symbi Law. He was back in pune visiting his old gang of friends and decided to meet me too.. :)

Not only did he meet me but so did his (nearly) whole gang. Sam, Karan, Jeetu, Shaks, Anupama... Of course Bikram was missed and talked about alot!! (chuckles!!)
Let me just say that I honestly havent met a more friendly and fun bunch in a long long time!! They were funny, talented and full of life!

I was introduced to all at 2 in the afternoon and by 3 I was already cracking jokes with them... And that for me is an achievement. I take a lot of time to get comfortable around strangers let alone crack jokes! The highlight of the day according to me was when I heard these guys jam at Anupama's place.

Sam and Karan's voice and Rono's beats (and rono, you do sing well!!) and I was lifted... spirit and all... It was an experience to hear Sam and Karan sing in harmony and play around with Raags. It was an honour to be able to witness a friendship of this sorts between these guys. I was touched by their history together and by their easy acceptance of strangers.

And I was also pleasantly surprised by their interest to hear me sing... I promise you guys that next time(I hope there is a next time ) I meet you all I will learn that Norah Jones song and sing it... :)

Thank You Rono for meeting me and introducing me to such a fine bunch of people. You gave me an excellent memory! And now make sure you mail me those pics... :)


Rachita Bansal said...

u know everyone i know.. who are you? ;-) rono's like a kid brother to me

Rachita Bansal said...

if u met shakunt, did u also meet kavita?

Nothingman said...

Nice to have friends who can make one feel at ease. It's cool that you can sing, in front of people! woo!
And Dido also makes a great songs that can be sung, a la Norah Jones.



P.S check your gmail, you got mail ;)

zephyr said...

nopes.. Ive heard of Kavita n ive heard she'll be part of the Model UN happening in Jan.. so maybe I'll catch a glimpse of her thre.. :)

N now u knw who I am.. I was just informed that my identity has been guessed.. :)

But if I am ever in one of my angsty moods then I am just zephyr :)

zephyr said...


YAY!!! I checked my mail!! YAYAY!! :D

Rachita Bansal said...

Too many cooincidences :) Kavita is such a woman, I totally love her. I bet you would too.