Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Dilli and Zed...

Wow.. what rains in Dilli! :)
was fun.. was frustrating.. but was fun!
I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours yesterday but seriously the company was so much fun.. people kept cracking jokes..

I am sooooo glad that Zed is here in Delhi with me.. He is one of my closest friends and has a WICKED sense of humour.. I would seriously be bored and lonely if he weren't around..

Zed!!! You're the best!! Even with your crazy gelled hair and 'always-take-her-case-infront-of-everyone' sense of humour!

I am really glad you're here in Delhi too... And I know I take you for granted sometimes but hey I am the 'Bitch', right 'Asshole'? :P

Friday, 17 July 2009

We know too much.
We think too much.
We analyze too much.
And fuck up the simplest thing in the world.. Love.

I love talking about love. Thinking about it. Being in it.
I was born to be in love and love someone. It inspires me and makes me better at everything else in my life.
I don't expect too much out of it. I expect it to last. I expect to feel it.
I just don't want to compromise when it comes to the feeling.

Yet I have this nagging suspicion that our generation has become too aware to be in Love or to fall for someone crazily and move the whole creation just so they can be with them..

Our generation is too practical too logical and too concerned about their own convenience to fall in love in a crazy way. So they love (or think they love) someone in the same city even if they know that this is not it. They know that there was this person they know who is just the person they wanted but she/he is too far you see and who wants a long distance... Can you beat that! In an age of Internet, Facebook, cellphones people are concerned about distance..

There is no desire to actually do something about the distance and still be with the one they love. There is a constant fear that if they make the effort and it doesnt work out then they would have watsed so much time. And so we just let go. Because we are too smart to be in Love. We have other things on our mind.

Our kind of LOve is convenient love.

(This post is the worst ever. No edits. And god knows how many grammatical mistakes.)

Monday, 13 July 2009

You have music in your eyes.
And when you look at me I dance to your notes...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dilli O Dilli...

Being from the services background I have never lived anywhere for more than two years except Delhi

Studied here from 8th till 11th and then came back here for vacations while I was in college. And now I am back here again to work. I love the sights and sounds of this city. The food. The buildings. The history. The language.

Yet I feel more of an alien here than anywhere else.
The constant thing of staying alert. The everyday sermons on staying safe and yet never really feeling completely at ease.

This is what I have realized about this city....
To stay safe never be alone.
If you want to be alone have a car.
But even if you have a car don't drive at night
If you drive at night then make sure your windows are rolled up so that no one knows that there's a girl driving the car alone.
Forget being independent because no one will let you.
To party you'll always need to have a man around.
If you don't want that have a house party.

Maybe I am overreacting!
But do you blame me.. At 5 in the evening yesterday when I was waiting for an auto, a van filled with guys younger to me (for sure) came up on the pavement and tried to run me over for fun. They just wanted to see my freaked out expression and they succeeded. But I cant help but think that if I had jumped in the wrong direction I might have been under that van. Would they have stopped and helped? who knows... I don't.
What I do know is that I felt pretty humiliated. Pretty scared. And suddenly very exposed..

I am adjusting. I hate to say that I am but I don't feel like I have a choice. If I want to fight back I am clueless as to where to start. Everywhere around me people have accepted the situation and to them this incident holds no importance It is commonplace.
So even I have started feeling like 'well get used to it'.. And I don't like this feeling.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Dog with No name... Bong Family Name Confusion Effect!

I got a dog! Finally! A beautiful golden brown Labrador.. I got him a month back and he is now 2 months old.
Now arises the question of his name.. What is my dog's name?? Hehe.. as of now NOTHING!
No...seriously... my family doesn't seem to be able to narrow down to one name...
So it began with Bruno which my Dad coined and I went ballistic.. He had to go ahead and find the most common name in the world! sigh.. so it got rejected!

My mom on the other hand had some pretty creative names but incredibly difficult to use in times of emergency (eg. If he is running really really fast and I need to call him back, the names my mom suggested would take ages to come out of my mouth and by the time my dog would figure out that I was calling him, he would be on another continent :P)

Eventually I decided to name him Leo (Rejected), Dumbledore (Rejected), Loki (Rejected), etc etc etc (Rejected!!)...

So after the endless days of choosing names and then rejecting them we have arrived at this conclusion that Bong families are never satisfied when it comes to names.. I mean before I got named Sanchari my parents had tried naming me ten other different names! ( And I actually did respond to all the names they called me with)

Hence too bad for my poor lil Lab that he has no choice but to be part of this confusion..

P.S. - I have finally narrowed down to Uno but at the rate at which he is growing I might just start calling him Haathi ka Bachcha!! :P