Monday, 21 January 2008

Men love curves...

My first post and i choose to talk about a topic that basically quite worthless... but I really did find it a highly amusing observation..

Men love curves... Not just the curves that adorn the female body but curves in general... Men love curves on a road... the curvier the road is, more fun it is to drive on it. Curves on a car.. Curves on a glass... Curves.. Curves... Curves.. It is everywhere..

And so I've also noticed that men never fail to notice the lack of it on me.. :)

Men also love talkin about gross things like eating shit.. hence explaining the success of movies like JACKASS ( I admit even I enjoy certain portions of it.. )

Men love checking out other women but can never answer the question 'how am I looking?' when asked by their girlfriends or wives or female for that matter.

Men love bitching about women bitching about other women.. Btw bitching about your boss does not count as bitching. :)

Men love letting women know how vulnerable they are though secretly they are glad that they can be the knight in shining armour during times of distress.

Men love talking about the time they were single.

Men love men. Hence explaining long hrs spent with them playing games etc.

Men love playing games... no wait... computer games, x box, PS 1,2,3..
they maybe too lazy to gte up for work or college but never too tired to build a civilization in the virtual world, the real one may just be damned.

I can go on and on.. But oh well... I shall stop..
In the end.. Men are weird.. BUt women love them still.. even we have our shortcomings ;)