Sunday, 30 March 2008

The forgotten dont weep...

I shed lonely tears

Like drops of wine

Slow ad smooth

Nurtured for some time

You woke up one dawn

In the twilght, you forgot

That your smile once

Belonged to my heart

And I smile through

The shallow and the deep

For I was forgotten

And the forgotten dont weep.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

random random soooooooo random!

I am oddly happy today.. No sadness.. No why's... Just plain belief that everything happens for a reason and that the reason is good.. As of now maybe I felt that this wasn't a situation I wanted to be in but I am in it and nothing can change that.. so what the hell !! Might as well go with the flow...

Anyways apart from this I am going home very very soon!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! NOt that I dont enjoy my life where I am but I need a lil bit of homely comforts and some familiar faces from the times when nothing really mattered or broke your heart or disillusioned you. For everything then was just a dream which you would get closer to when you're grown up. But oh well we grew up.. hehe.. Dont get me wrong again.. I love every bit of it!!
All the experiences that I go through now and will go through in the future...
But for sometime I just want to go back to my mom who thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world.. (awwwwww).. My best friend who thinks I am going to be someone someday.. My dad who believes in every dream that Ive ever had... I dont really have to prove anything to these people... That's the beauty of it... They still believe..
Especially my best friend...
She believes in soooooooooo many things still.. sometimes I feel that no matter what I do.. She will never ever stop believing in me.. She may raise her eyebrows from time to time and admonish me for my erratic behaviour (she flipped when I told her I got drunk ! :) ) but I know that she too enjoys and understands who I am and why I am like this... Love you so much woman!!
So I end this random post of mine telling all these people that I am coming home soon and though I drive each one of you crazy in some way or the other I still LOVE you guys so much!!!
alright.. enough now.. :)

End of Beginnings...

Stony silences
Broken words
The ticking hours

Empty stares
Unfulfilled promises
Withered flowers

Old photos
Letters with faded ink
Two souls

End of dreams
End of us
End of beginnings.

Sunday, 2 March 2008


There maybe a time
When I may not tell you
How I feel...
There maybe a time
When words are too less
For me to express...
Please will you try...
Help me open up my
Heart to you.
Please will you not...
Let me go
Coz I really need to tell
You all the things I've left
All the things that I've hidden..
Thoughts broken, unbroken.
But I'm too scared to let it go
To let it all show...
So baby try to know...
Please dont let me go