Thursday, 10 January 2013

I like being anonymous. Why? Because it lets me express without the fear of feeling judged. Since I was a kid I have felt incredibly uncomfortable in the critical gaze of people who may know me very little but assume  that they have the right and the capability to judge me.
I can deal with people I know well. I can deal with people who are strangers. But the worst are the kinds who know you partially through stories and myths and people. They have the liberty to create an image of you the way they want to see it. Ideally I should be a strong individual and not care. Unfortunately, from time to time the insecure 15 year old in me takes over. And at those times I care a lot. But this time I have decided to continue the way I do and let them judge. It is ok.

I write the way I do. I am not an accomplished writer and I do not claim to be one. I do not promote this blog.

My anonymity has been compromised and that is my fault. Some close friends had the link and passed it on. Now people who hardly know me are judging my writing style and calling me theatrical.

Thank you. I am glad you came to my blog and took time out to read. But since my writing capabilities do not match your reading standards, I am assuming you have moved on.

I don't think it was important for me to post this but I had to do it anyway.