Monday, 26 January 2009

I like running back to familiar faces...
Familiar smells...
Familiar places...

But sometimes that isn't comforting?
You don't find the familiar ones waiting...

Why are people losing it over Slumdog Millionaire???

It is just a movie... Read the book. It is much much MUCH better... Dont have much to say really except that Slumdog isnt projecting our country in a bad light because what it shows does exist. Might as well face it dont you think.. BUt it isnt a path breaking movie either. It is simply made with above average acting... The dialouges are above average... and that's about it.

again... why is there such a hue and cry about this movie???

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

And it was an endless struggle.
She'd move a step ahead and a hundred steps back...
But she's trying... And she will keep trying
Last night she woke up to realise who she really is and what she has become. She was a person comfortable with her own being. That was what made her who she was.
And what had she become?
An obsessive paranoid individual...
But she's trying.
To be herself again.
All the best I say... :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Change is good... And for a reason I am told.

A few days ago I met a friend who said 'Your optimism is superficial. Inside you are breaking. You know it is over but you cant accept or you refuse to accept it.'

Ya... I am stubborn that ways.. HeHe...

Why is it that when you give someone attention, they take it in the wrong way and say mean things to you or take you for granted? It is like they are begging you to actually play games with them and ignore them!

The thing is I have never been good at ignoring people I care about. So either I care a lot and give the attention or I dont care at all and give none. And with none I mean ZILCH! I have done that.

Okie... the above stuff was random but I just had to write it..

Last month I had crazzzzzzzy amounts of blonde in my hair! Dont even ask how... It was a result of a tragic colouring mishap...

But thankfully by 31st Dec I had controlled the problem by colouring my hair Burgundy so now "I dont look like a Tiger or a wildcat or I Dont glow in the Dark or Reflect sunlight" much to the dismay of my dearest friends who had a gala time pulling my leg over it.

Best was that even P, who is slightly colourblind and calls dark green, dark red, could see my hair colour when it was blonde!!

Anyways ina couple of hours I will be 21 and I will enjoy myself ofcourse, but call me sad or pathetic or whatever, I will still miss him... I will still think about May.

But I will also take one more step in accepting change.

I will maybe let that boy take me out on a date. [he's sweet :)]. I will grow up... in a good way.

REeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... you are being missed the most!! dont worry... once I am in Delhi you shall get a TREAT.. Pune style!! :D

My birthday is in a couple of hrs.

My miracle aint happening.

Ree isnt here (Fuck u GMAT people!!)

What's the point?

Monday, 5 January 2009

Maybe!! :D

9 days left for my 21st Birthday and I am praying for the impossible...
I know it can't happen.
I know the schedule.
I know the compulsions and circumstances.
I know I am forbidden to ask.
But I still won't stop praying!
Maybe it'll happen.
Maybe on 14th January 2009, my doorbell will ring and my miracle will be standing there.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Freedom Writers, Prejudice and Helplessness...

I just saw Freedom Writers.
I am moved.
I am also left wondering.
Those kids in the movie were prejudiced because of the lives that they had to lead.
Because of the violence they saw. And still Mrs G managed to bring them together.

But the people I know are educated. They have led comfortable lives. They have studied in good schools. They are now in good universities.
What excuse do THEY have to be prejudiced?

Am I strong enough to break such prejudices?
Am I strong enough to deal with them and stand my ground?
Are you?