Monday, 22 April 2013

It is 930 pm and I am at work.No. I am not dying under tons of unfinished presentations. I am actually just sitting and waiting for a friend to get done with work so that we can meet. Strange turn of events really. There used to be a time when I was in Pune. When the two of us were in college. There was no waiting. We would decide - let's go have tea at NCC canteen. And poof! We were there!And now... we haven't met properly in 3 months... maybe more. I don't like this part of growing up. Becoming partners of other people, getting overly engrossed in work, spending weekends in a daze because the week was too hard. I don't like it because I have started ignoring some people who have contributed to who I am today.Specially Ree. I need to meet her more often. I feel like a part of me has become lost in the chaos of growing up. Random plans are not made as often as they should be. I am not even meeting new people.This has to change. And I have to write. :)