Thursday, 21 August 2008

With a tight slap

Life brought me back

I was floating away

In my world of blue roses

And with my jagged fingers

I ripped every petal apart

I was smiling in vain

Now I wither in pain

I remember what you felt like

Sweet and salty memories

Memories that won’t go away

I see you in the darkest hour of the night

One step away from the edge

If I jump… Will I fly again?

Fly back to the place I thought I’d call home

Oh wait! Did I not burn it last night?

Now I fly around in circles…

Feeling trapped in my own mind.

One step from an infinite slumber

So if I cry… Will I believe again?

I can’t run to you…

Distance just killed the maps.

And when you switch off again

I die… just to come back to life.

You asked me to stop. To grow up.

I aged a thousand years last night.

So wish me Happy Birthday and charge me with murder

I just killed who I was to give birth to my doppelganger.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

She was looking out the window… Looking at his retreating figure… His 5 feet 7 inches tall, stocky figure… Him... Wearing his green shirt, and carrying that bright red backpack with animated characters on it… The bag she had laughed about the previous night while he had made fun of her bright blue things… Blue curtains, blue bedspread, blue plates… and yes...

She had known he had to leave today, she had known this since the very first day of his visit… And she also knew this wasn’t his last visit… Yet she wanted to run after him… Stop him… Tell him how she felt though he knew it without her saying a word…

How different they were when it came to love and life… In life she was the optimistic one while he was the practical logical entity… But in love… he was different… A believer… An optimist… Believing that they’d be together… Forever.

While she feared to believe him… She feared to believe him for she was scared to let go of her defences… Yet today as he walked away, she prayed with all she ad that whatever he believed in was real… was true…

She always asked him why he never expressed how he felt… But today she felt the love he didn’t have to express… His undying, illogical belief in their forever spelt out a love filled with childish enthusiasm and innocence she was getting high on…

He didn’t turn back as he walked away… But she knew that he could sense that she was standing at the window…

She saw him stop for the briefest of brief moments before continuing his journey… putting a smile on her face…