Friday, 8 May 2009

I haven't written in sometime...
I know why... A couple of months back there was someone who told me that my posts seem morose or filled with self pity... And it made me feel a lil bad... made me feel like maybe I am self pitying myself and putting it up for show..

But honestly I just realised a couple of minutes back that I miss my blog. Right now I am sitting in my best friend's house after a year and I realise that it's ok to feel unhappy and spit it out through some medium.. If I feel like writing about it because it makes me feel better then so be it..
And I feel like I don't need to be anonymous anymore.. Even if I hide my identity here I'd still feel the same things, react the same way... and make the same mistakes..

So hi.. I am Sanchari and I have just moved to Delhi... I am so glad that I got to read some of the amazing stuff you all write... Thank You.