Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sorry about them...

Alrite.. I think I hav to warn everyone about these....
Due to my present state of mind there might be just be lot many sappy philosophical at times boring posts about love and heartbreak and stuff like that..
I ahve decided to write and write and write about it till i am dead tired of doing so...

Anyways you know what is the hardest thing about break ups.. The friends that you make while you were in the relationship.. I really enjoyed being with those people and now, though the break up isn't mess, i still cant go meet these people because I am supposed to give a grace period before I start meeting him again.. But i miss the fun so badly.. I feel like I got th raw deal..
Why? Why is it becoming so difficult? Is it that easy to forget someone? Is it that easy to begin a new life like nothing has happened?
I am tired of wallowing in my grief actually.. Maybe I should mention some new happy things..
The auntie who serves Vada Pav in the hostel is back! So I managed to have a cheap but delicious meal today... Oh what all being broke teaches you... Seriously!!
But I like it at times.. You know.. Living like this..
Actually I think I like everything that life brings.. And with everything I mean everything.. There has got to be a reason behind every single thing that happens in my life.. Every shit.. every nice thing.. Rite?

Friday, 22 February 2008

You know how pissing off it is to grow up.. To stop believing in things like love?? But I have no choice.. I have to stop or it kills me.. I want to say all that I want to in a more beautiful well set manner but somehow I cant.. Not tonight. I guess Tonight I just want to scream it out!
Why the hell are you so confused? Why the hell is everyone so confused and hell bent upon complicating the simplest thing ever present on earth.. That is LOVE..
Why is everything in this world bound by a word called RELATIONSHIP?? So if you tell me tonight that we are not in a relationship anymore, does it mean we are not in love anymore? NO! and you can feel that too... you can hear it in your own voice..
You asked me to move on and grow up.. Of course I will.. Of course I knew it wasn't forever.. But I wanted to feel it all... I was in LOVE.. and that mattered to me than being in a RELATIONSHIP!!
Don't run away from your fears.. Love is simple... just let it happen... The more one scrutinises it, the less it becomes..
And fine I contradict myself again.. I do.. I do believe in LOVE... How can I not when I still love you? How can I not when I see my dearest 'Lily n Marshal' still together (the one who needs to know came to know :))... And I am there... Ill always be there.. your the kind of GUY friend I'd always wanted...

But I just don't believe in 'us' anymore? And that hurts...