Monday, 20 June 2011

additions to my blue box

For nights that don't end
For moments that last a lifetime
For sigh's that remain in the eyes long after they've escaped the lips
For the but's and the maybe's
For the many mistakes and then apologies
For the rants and the reactions
For the pursuing and leaving and pursuing again
For being asked to leave
For the stars and the similes and metaphors
For the music and the origin of it all
For never letting you feel the chaos
For always letting you feel the after effects
For the dreams and the process of building them
For our perfectly imperfect world
For when I don't understand
For all the times I understand to the last word
For holding on and letting go
For all these and much more

I apologize and then I don't...
These are trapped in my box of memories now... These are part of my blue box...
I shall visit them often... Reminisce about happy times and the worst times... Always with a smile...
Raise my glass to your patience and to your beliefs... And a new beginning...

the star

The madness ends
The star has, with mutual agreement, stopped shining...
I behaved erratically... I behaved like a person that I wasn't... Thankfully I know that that wasn't me.. though for a while I thought maybe that was the real me...

Hopefully I will be forgiven... Hopefully I will be seen as a human being capable of making mistakes... Or maybe it will never be normal again...

I apologise...