Tuesday, 20 January 2009

And it was an endless struggle.
She'd move a step ahead and a hundred steps back...
But she's trying... And she will keep trying
Last night she woke up to realise who she really is and what she has become. She was a person comfortable with her own being. That was what made her who she was.
And what had she become?
An obsessive paranoid individual...
But she's trying.
To be herself again.
All the best I say... :)


Nikki said...

All the best!

Rachita Bansal said...

best of luck love.. :)

Anonymous said...

My wishes all the way!

J said...

Still trying?

Trillian said...

It's hard to remember, but she's getting there.
The memories are faded pictures, barely recognizable.
But the harder she looks, the more she can tell.
Finding herself again is pain and agony.
Reaching there, being herself again is relief.

Really, really love the poem.

Impressionist said...

good luck lady!


Daanish said...

obsessive paranoid,really sad!