Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Dog with No name... Bong Family Name Confusion Effect!

I got a dog! Finally! A beautiful golden brown Labrador.. I got him a month back and he is now 2 months old.
Now arises the question of his name.. What is my dog's name?? Hehe.. as of now NOTHING!
No...seriously... my family doesn't seem to be able to narrow down to one name...
So it began with Bruno which my Dad coined and I went ballistic.. He had to go ahead and find the most common name in the world! sigh.. so it got rejected!

My mom on the other hand had some pretty creative names but incredibly difficult to use in times of emergency (eg. If he is running really really fast and I need to call him back, the names my mom suggested would take ages to come out of my mouth and by the time my dog would figure out that I was calling him, he would be on another continent :P)

Eventually I decided to name him Leo (Rejected), Dumbledore (Rejected), Loki (Rejected), etc etc etc (Rejected!!)...

So after the endless days of choosing names and then rejecting them we have arrived at this conclusion that Bong families are never satisfied when it comes to names.. I mean before I got named Sanchari my parents had tried naming me ten other different names! ( And I actually did respond to all the names they called me with)

Hence too bad for my poor lil Lab that he has no choice but to be part of this confusion..

P.S. - I have finally narrowed down to Uno but at the rate at which he is growing I might just start calling him Haathi ka Bachcha!! :P


Iggy said...

You're so lucky! I have been begging my parents for one ever since I can remember! Anyway, I have wanted to name a dog 'Daku Mangal Singh', and the female one 'Daakan'.

Sigh. WHEN! Also, can we see some pics, PLEEAASSEEE!!!

Nikki said...

My cousin had a pom named lacy. I love the name Bruno! Hope you find something really cool soon.

Yes, I want to see pics too!

Meghana Naidu said...

hey AWESOME! another doggy blogger. mine's 18 month old Spitz. taffy. you might have seen mention on the blog ;)

and UNO wont work. because its a cardinal rule that the name syllables should not include a command word. NO.
you'll have one confused dog at your hands ;)

now, name choices. :D

Whiskey (personal favorite)
Bozo (perfect for a lab :P )
Quick ( the paradox. labs are real lazy asses)

more soon! i love doggy namings ;)

and lots of love to the little one :)
pictures soon!