Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Dilli and Zed...

Wow.. what rains in Dilli! :)
was fun.. was frustrating.. but was fun!
I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours yesterday but seriously the company was so much fun.. people kept cracking jokes..

I am sooooo glad that Zed is here in Delhi with me.. He is one of my closest friends and has a WICKED sense of humour.. I would seriously be bored and lonely if he weren't around..

Zed!!! You're the best!! Even with your crazy gelled hair and 'always-take-her-case-infront-of-everyone' sense of humour!

I am really glad you're here in Delhi too... And I know I take you for granted sometimes but hey I am the 'Bitch', right 'Asshole'? :P


Nikki said...

Sigh...what is life without friends?

Swas said...

he he..its kind of funny and coincidental.. ZED!!.. you get what im saying?!;)