Thursday, 11 December 2008

I got TAGGED..

The Song tag! Think..Nostalgia and music! Finish the list and then tag three people to do it!

1. Song most listened to during school years: Numb by Linkin Park (the piano version).. yes yes.. I was slightly angst ridden =), Travelin Soldier by Dixie Chicks

2. Song during college years: Drops of Jupiter by Train

3. Song during first love: Always by Bon Jovi

4. Song during first heartbreak: Emotions by Destiny's Child, I wish you Love by Rachael Yamagata

5. Song for all seasons: Hey Jude by The Beatles, What am I to you by Norah Jones, Hurt by Johnny Cash

6. Song you'd headbang to: soem stuff by Pink Floyd and Gun's and Roses..

7. Song you'd dance to: .Rise up by (i dunno who) and Get Low by Flo-rida

8. Song for gymming: Gymming n mE?? hehehe...

9. Song for long walks: Norah Jones and Rachael Yamagata

10. Song for drives: The End by The Doors and Bob Marley

11. Song for mornings: Sunrise by Norah Jones

12. Song for parties: David Guetta and Bob Sinclair

13. Song when stressed: I'll Find a Way by Rachael Yamagata

14. Song when cheerful: Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows

15. Song when romantic:I'd Love you to want me by LObo, You and Me by Lifehouse

16. Song when mad as hell:There are way too many... umm..

17. Song that you'd serenade a girl/guy with:Chasing cars by snow patrol, Stay with you by john legend, save me from myself by Christina Aguilera

18. Song you'd like to be seranaded with:Inside out by Bryan Adams, Chasing cars by snow patrol and ALways by Bon jovi, Rose of my heart by Johnny Cash

19. Song you'd dedicate to any person in the world:Together by Michelle Branch To Ree

20. Song of a legend:Hurt by Johnny Cash, I walk the line by Johnny Cash

21. Song that others connect you with:Travelin Soldier by Dixie Chicks, Tonight the heartache's on me by Dixie Chicks

22. Song that best describes you:The Long way around by Dixie Chicks, Born to fly by Sara Evans

People I tag to do this:
1. Rohit
2. Impressionist
3. Raghav



umangexuberance said...

interesting tag.. I see some of my favourites down there
Only today I was listening to inside out and was wondering what it would be like to have that song sung for me.. :D

iggy said...


Anonymous said...

lovely choice of songs..some of them are my favs!

zephyr said...

@ Umang
I know!!! I first heard Inside Out when I was still in school and I so wanted a boy to sing it for me... fingers crossed!! =)

loved the tag!!!

@the lover
Dude ur posts are brilliant!!!

zephyr said...

And btw after I posted the tag I realised that I have soooo many more songs for all the labels!!

I love the song Michelle by the Beatles... I love the Beatles but I havent mentioned them enough... and Johnny Cash too!!

Impressionist said...

nice tag :)
will do it soon, just need some time! :)
and btw I love ur playlist :D