Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Satyamev Jayate - the criticism that followed

We have issues with people who do not initiate dialogue.
When asked to initiate a dialogue towards awareness we put our hands up and say - who are we and who will listen to us?!
When given a platform and an education to do so we shake our heads and say - WE, the middle class, need to feed ourselves and sustain our lifestyles and THIS does not pay.

So here is a person who has covered all bases and is trying to initiate a dialogue - he has the audience, the content researched by an able team and he has created a format that an average individual can understand.

And NO the show isn't perfect but nothing really is.
Is he pushing his image? Maybe so.
Is he making a profit? I really don't know.
But are people watching? Yes they are.

And THAT to me is good enough reason for Aamir Khan to be up there shedding a few tears while he does educate many on the basics of some very important issues.

It is reality content but it is better content than what I see on most days. 
Sometimes one wholehearted or even half-hearted initiation of dialogue brings people together who can actually make a difference.
If an average Indian learns of a thing called CHILDLINE via Satyamev Jayate, it is a start. Embrace it. Don't stop criticizing but don't negate the entire show's futility either.


Confused Soul said...

I think the emotional quotient and the fact that these are daily issues is what is an instant hit.

And the face- Aamir Khan, know for his perfectionism is what makes it a success. I believe we as audiences can take a lot from it. Yes, there is profit but on the contrary who really came out with such a show and well-researched material. It's truly commendable! :)

magiceye said...

Well enunciated!

Sathish said...