Friday, 11 May 2012

Better with you

There is a song. It speaks volumes to me.
Better with you  by Ben Kweller

I am a mess. Right now I am a mess. A basket case with chaos surrounding me. Some days I feel like I am falling into a big hole lined with people laughing at me. And even in this state of mind, I am better with you. For you I try. I know you and I are on different pages. Maybe on different chapters as well. But it is ok. I like this difference.

'Even at my best, I am better with you.'

I am lost. And confused. Many things I thought I had a grip on are slipping like sand. But I would let you take me anywhere. Because yes it IS better with you.

I will never change you. Never. You are my Shrek. Imperfectly perfect... always.


Confused Soul said...

Well .. I'm a first timer to your blog..

So for starters, I love the song..But this is not about the music, it's about you. Coming from an absolute stranger, might sound insane but you'll be fine.. :) .. This is that one crazy phase which we go through and THIS TOO SHALL PASS :) ..

If you're better with someone, despite the odds, don't let go. Don't think too much. If you have a shot at happiness, grab it. You deserve to be happy.

Take care :)

I do, I do. said...

This blog makes me feel some people still exist who are real and WRITE real stuff.

Keep it up! :)

zephyr said...

Thank you both of you :))

@I do - :D