Saturday, 3 March 2012

The value of appreciation

The eternal question for every writer is this.

Are you writing for yourself or for someone else?
Does it matter if no one ever reads it or rather the person you have written about, never reads it or you want him/her to read and react to your words?

What makes u sadder - everyone reading it but not him/her or no one reading it but him/her?

It is funny really how sometimes the only appreciation we seek is from that special someone. Sometimes all we want is for him/her to look at us and say that WE inspire them too. Don't get me wrong. It isn't that we need their appreciation to define our worth. But I guess we need their appreciation because when someone you love pats you on your back, the value of that pat is way more than a million acquaintances telling you how amazing you are :)

I guess...


Ruhani said...

I completely agree with the last sentence. It's really good to know that there'll always be that one person who tracks your progress. And tracks it well enough to critique it well, and appreciate it when required. :)

zephyr said...

indeed :)

nil said...

"Sometimes all we want is for him/her to look at us and say that WE inspire them too." -- Couldn't have understood you better, there.

We write them odes, songs, poetry, prose and godknowseverything for these people who inspire us with the most intricate details of their being.. if only our being was as inspiring to them. If not always, but just once.

Ekalavya said...

Why is love always counted in transactions of appreciation?

zephyr said...

@ekalavya : Love isn't counted in transactions of appreciation. Appreciation is just desired from the ones we love.

they may appreciate in their own way or may expect much more from u and appreciate the bigger things.

Love remains nevertheless.
Love was never that fragile that it depended on just appreciation.

The point of the post is that appreciation when received from the ones we love holds more value n more regard than acquaintances. :)