Friday, 2 March 2012

An old post but my favourite post - The Umbrella

I stood behind the tree waiting…
I had carefully placed the ‘umbrella’ on his door…
Our special HUGE umbrella that had kept us dry and close through so many days of rain…

The placing of the umbrella was such that when he opened the door, it would fall right at his feet… After making sure the arrangement was perfect, I had rung the doorbell three times and had run for cover… The tree seemed perfect… So I stood there… waiting… wondering…

And just then the door opened and ‘thump’ went the umbrella at someone’s feet (I couldn’t see who it was yet)

Then the stranger stepped out into the sun holding the umbrella and yes it was him!! He looked around and then at the umbrella he held, with that surprised curious expression I was so used to seeing…

He was reading the note I’d stuck on the front of our shared possession.

“1. Lift the Umbrella over your head.
2. Open the Umbrella while positioned over your head.
3. And don’t worry! It is not a bomb and it wont bite!
- S”

And still with that same expression intact on his face he did as was written…


Out came lots and lots and lots of pictures… Our pictures... Clicked over the months we were a couple… tumbling down in two’s and three’s all over him!!

For a moment there was a look of utter confusion on his face!
And then he read the second note… stuck right in the middle of the umbrella

“Our love might have faded away….
But why let the memories go the same direction?
Leaving you a few of many... Enjoy! -S”

He smiled.
Nodded his head like he always did when I acted like a child.
Gathered the pictures.
The umbrella.
And went in.

Behind the tree I smiled.
Shrugged like I always did when I wanted to say I cant help being this way.
Gathered my life.
My still existent love.
And walked away.



beautifully written. loved it.

zephyr said...

Thank you :)

Shashi S said...

Gathered my life and my still existent love and walked away... lovely. But you know what its hard to walk away...

I could relate to this post so much... because I am there too... here is part of my latest verse 'Lost Soul"

My selfishness invade
Spoken - unspoken boundaries
Of last farewell

I did let you go
I did not

(If you would like to read the full version... check this out...

Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

maliny said...

heartwarming to the core. . beautifully written . . keep writing :)

zephyr said...

Thank you Maliny :)
Hope you keep visiting.

zephyr said...

Thank you Maliny :)
Hope you keep visiting.

zephyr said...

@shashi Thank u :) I loved your Haiku post btw !