Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My version of 'Having a coke with you by Frank O'Hara'

So I wrote my own version of 'Having A Coke With You' which is a poem by Frank O'Hara.
The original is amazing !

Below is my version :)

Having a beer with you
is much more fun than walking around a second hand bookstore
sniffing the lovely smell of old books

Having a beer with you
is much more soothing than the best Blues songs ever played
and the most insane piece of saxophone craziness gets trumped by that smile you carry

Having a beer with you
is even more amazing when I hear the words that flow out of your mouth
like a song that doesn't need to rhyme and yet is music to one's ears

Having a beer with you
is much more exciting than the long twisted unexplored lanes of South Bombay
and more surprising than the shops that surround Fort

I look at you
and I realise that my eyes were a waste before I saw you with them
That my smile was nothing but a light breeze before I smiled at you

I look at you
and I want to keep looking
sometimes protectively, sometimes lovingly, sometimes just like that

I look at you
and all chaos is logic suddenly
and life holds a higher reason, a reason I needn't know yet

So come with me
Let's have that beer, shall we? :)


WomanInLove said...

Lovely lines, let me have a look at the original too. Reminded me of the song - tere sang ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai :)

zephyr said...

haha ya actually it is kind of like that song :)

The original is amazing!

Eternally Pale said...

So I decided to read the original before I read this... Must say, this clicked better :)
Really... soulful?

zephyr said...

@shashvat : thank u :)

DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

Enjoyed it :)
One doubt!
Did you wrote this by having a beer with you :D

zephyr said...

@deepak: haha :) I wrote this while having a beer with 'him' :)