Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Prince charming who? :P

Nobody wants Prince Charming! It is Shrek we're all looking for.
The guy who will love us even when we look and act like ogres!

I think I may have found my Shrek :)
*fingers crossed*


Little Girl Lost said...

Congratulations on finding your shrek . You know he is your true love if you can hold farting contests with him. :)

Very cute blog. I love the way you express deep and profound thoughts in such few and simple words. That's the hallmark of a great writer. Following you! I'll be visiting regularly now.

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Do become a follower.

WomanInLove said...

Wow..maybe I should change my priorities too :)

zephyr said...

@little girl : I used to follow ur old blog and am following the new one too :) thank u for the sweet words :)

@womaninlove: haha well they change on their own I think :)