Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Your perfume

Your perfume.
Mixed with the smell of what makes you.
I can smell it now.
As you walk past me like I am merely a shadow of my former self, I can smell it.

Your perfume.
Brings back memories of chilly nights.
Brings back memories of your long fingers trapped in mine.

Your perfume.
It would wrap itself around me when you took me in your arms.
And stay with me long after you weren't wrapped around me anymore.

Your perfume.
You walked in and walked out on me everyday.
But it stayed with me for a moment longer soothing me in my loneliness.

Your perfume.
It seems was a truer companion than you were.
It understood things you refused to see in the darkness.

Your perfume.
It is like oxygen to me.
My existence without it seems unlikely.

So walk past me again.
Walk through me if required.
I don't exist anymore.
I can't remember what I was.
I need your perfume to bring me back.

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