Monday, 28 March 2011

R ki shaadi hai! :D

Life around me is in such a crazy hurry!
Things around me are changing so fast.. and some changes I absolutely love...

R is getting married!! :)
The catalyst of change.. the man child is getting married!
When he told me there was this insanely stupid smile on my face that refused to leave my face for hours.. It feels like I have spent ages being friends with R and to see him so content and happy fills my heart with a childish happy warmth.. And ofcourse I looooooooooooooove WEDDINGS!

I have a fascination for weddings.. the stories behind the couple meeting and finally deciding to marry.. the look on their faces when they are getting engaged.. and I love the way the groom looks at his bride.. with all the love and pride in his eyes.. :)

Here's wishing R and S the most amazing life together ! :D.. love you both so much!

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Nikita Banerjee said...

Sounds awesome...please convey my wishes to your friends!