Monday, 7 March 2011

Weak and without faith

I know I want to call you. Hear your sweet drawling voice. I want to hear lines that just appear on your lips but sound like I was always meant to hear them..
Hear you sing... hear you breath..

If I call. Every moment I will wish you were here. And every moment I will wish I was there. Every moment will be just a wish.. Nothing more and nothing less.

This is a trap.
A trap I am setting for you and me. And I am a coward. A fool.
Because I have no strength to fight for you.
I know this feeling. And more than that I know me. I know I will run. I will run even if I knew you would never let me down. I will still run because I don't want to find out if you will...

I am weak. And empty now. I used to be a believer once. But not anymore. Not today.
Today I am weak and today I should be alone.
For if I don't love me how can I let you love me?

I will run today. Run till I can't breath anymore.. Run with your voice in my heart. I will run till I have a reason to stop running. And if somehow I stop running and have faith again. I will turnaround and walk back. Walk back to the last moment of you and me. If you are around I will find you.

But who knows about tomorrow. Today I did what had to be done.
Today I said the clich├ęd lines - can we just be friends??


Shantanu said...

Please take care.

zephyr said...

thank u shantanu :)
But i am fine. All that i write here is not real. some of it is fiction.
did u like what I wrote?

Shantanu said...

ya.. I liked it, and happiness.. !