Sunday, 9 February 2014

Love is a lousy DJ

Is it endless?
Not really.
Is it.. an illusion?
What about the memories?
Do they last?
Is it... painful?

And yet...
Here we go..
Over and over again.
Crashing in,
Fading out.
Clawing for existence...

I question,
You answer.
I push you in a corner,
You break against the wall.
I walk away,
You hold on.
I relent,
You give up.

And yet...
We are in a loop.
Like that playlist of songs,
That pushes the tempo...
And just when the body
Becomes one with the music.
It plays a track that
Stops the dance midway.

Love is a lousy DJ
And you and me
Are the only people
On this dance floor.

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