Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gym shym oh no!

I am not uncomfortable with my body. I am absolutely cool with being a little overweight. But when I started having trouble walking up the stairs and only my tummy kept growing, I realized that this was more about a bad lifestyle and not so much about 'loving your body'. Let me clarify that I am 'just' 60 kgs and 5 feet 3 inches tall (notice the 'just') ;)

Some say that unless I admit I have a problem,  nothing will happen. But the point is my weight isn't the problem! I am not obese. The problem is my lack of stamina and no physical exercise. And of course who am I kidding!  There are some incredible dresses I would like to wear which aren't flattering to my current tummy bulge. So I have decided to lose inches off my tummy and build some stamina.

I had decided this in the past as well but two days of gym and I was bored out of my mind. I made insane number of excuses - 'no time' 'have somewhere to go'.. I also said 'I will start from Monday' many many Mondays ago! 

So what has changed? I am trying to drive some accountability in my life. Exercise is one thing that I have been postponing. There are a number of things I told myself I would do but I still haven't.

1. Write on the blog regularly
2. Go to the Prince of Wales museum and Jehangir Art Gallery
3. Read
4. Learn music again

The list goes on.

I am turning 26 in a few months and a thought keeps popping up in my head - if I don't make time to make myself better or just experience something new then what is all this hoohaa about growing up? Age is just a number. I may be 26 but in reality my experiences will be exactly the same as when I was 25. 

So, first step --> Go to the gym thrice a week. :)

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