Monday, 16 January 2012

Blogs and people...

Discovering new blogs is like discovering new people.

Long time ago when I had just started this blog and it still had a funny blog address name, I used to read the blog of Da. I was in awe of him. One day I got the opportunity to see him in person. He was the Chair at a practice session of Model UN and I was a newbie participant. It was like a fan seeing her idol for the first time :D.
Da didn't know then that I used to read his blog on a regular basis. Eventually he started reading my blog too. And we became friends. From then on I think I have told him every single thought - abstract or rational - that has passed through my head. In ways I think he has seen me evolve as a human being.
He is still someone I admire. A man so sorted in the head that you might think he has lived a hundred years. :)
A man I will always looked up to.

Recently I have come across another blog which has left a deep impact. Again because she writes like a dream. She writes unpretentiously. I may never know the person but her words are like a mirror into who she might be. And sometimes words soothe a worried mind.

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