Monday, 30 August 2010

This is one more thing I have learnt from experience...

if a guy tells you that you're like a guy and he can chill with you like he chills with his guy buddies. And this particular guy who is saying these things to you is a guy you want romantically, then sorry you just got royally caught in the friend zone!

If you are a guy and the girl you like romantically just told you that she can talk to you like she talks to her chick friends... then well.. that's all you will be.. her chick friend in a guy's body!

The number of times I have been called a 'dude' 'bhai' etc etc by guys I like, I could become everyone's universal brother!! And the funny bit is that I am as girly as it gets... people say it is in my attitude.. Honestly the attitude is getting worrying now... :P

I mean just imagine a setting where I am alone with the boy (FINALLY!),we're looking into each other's eyes and I am thinking 'how romantic' while he's pouring his heart out about his ex gf's, how they treated him, his boss's devious plans to bug him etc etc... And I am thinking 'awwww he can share his deepest secrets with me!' while he's thinking 'wow! she's a dude who I can share my thoughts with!'... I basically just became the boy's personal Agony Aunt and his newly found best friend!



Spectrik said...

I'd disagree with that: Girls have a "friend zone", which is almost impenetrable. But the thing with guys is that they'll eventually work out your postivives and fall for you. How long it'll take, however, is another matter entirely.


youjustwontknow said...

Realt funny "dude" haha...good one!