Thursday, 24 December 2009

The last post I put up was in alot of anger.
But when I looked back and thought a lil harder than before I figured that life isnt as bad as I sometimes think.

I am not that wise as yet to believe that everything happens for a reason. I still feel down in the dumps when I come close to feeling heavenly and am pushed back into my dark cloud.. again.
BUt I am trying. I am growing. I am trying to fight back. And fight harder than ever before.

Lots of people dont understand why I make so much effort. They say that something that needs so much effort may just be a lost battle for a lost cause. But who am I to judge that? what if I fight and I win?
I fight this hard and make all this effort because I don't start anything with failure in my head. I believe I can win. I believe I can rise from the ashes. As many times as needed.

It's all faith. nothin else. that is all I have. I have good friends who may not understand my approach but still atnd by me. I appreciate that.

THe year is ending and I am back to square one. I take that in my stride. A new year is coming.. with new dreams... with new energy.. with new hopes.

Life hasnt come full circle yet... life has barely crossed an arc.

And I am happy.. with all the experiences I have had. And for everytime I've cried.
And for every smile I have shared.