Sunday, 29 November 2009

To Pune, R, Rachita and Love...

It has been a long tough year..
A year of mistakes...
A year of wins..
A year of losing friends and finding new ones..
And finding a true friend in a lost love..
And finally discovering love again..

It has been a beautiful year..
A year of growing up.. A year of feeling betrayed..
A year of feeling completely and totally secure...

The year began with new experiences... some bitter and some absolutely yummily sweet ones.. the year began with leaving best frineds behind... Nikhil, Uttam, Mike, Gopi, Swas, Shreeya, Gauri... Thank you for shaping who I am today..
Thank u Nikhil for taking care of me n loving me.. You influence me and I learn from u everyday...

The year hit its midway streak with a mistake and I nearly lost R in all the chaos.. But we made it.. we learnt new sides of each other and became friends like we'd never thought we would be... We made it through the storm Dean.. We made it through all the demons and shapeshifters.. And now you have finally found what you had been waiting for, for so long.. :)

The year entered a beautiful phase when Rachita, oh so sweetly, brought someone in my life whose charms I resisted stubbornly, only to fall completely head over heels for... :)
Thank u Rachita.. you're slight insight into what I'd like, has given me happiness beyond words...

And finally to the man who makes me smile like a 1000 watt bulb.. :)
I dont say it enough and I dont say it often.. I love you. Your little quirks and the things you do for me have changed my world... I know you think I dont notice them but I do.. I notice every lil tiny gesture and appreciate every sec that I spend with you.. I value all the nights you sacrifice your sleep just so that I can talk to you.. walking up the stairs and finding you standing there, waiting and smiling at me makes every single horrible day worth it :)
You have given me a reason... a reason to believe... a reason to care... you are making me a better person.. Thank You for messaging that night... Thank you for taking me to Morrison.. And thank YOU for asking me out and acting like it was meant to be :)


QUIETUDE N said...

beautiful post!! :-)

Anonymous said...

happy post! great!! nice to see u r happy! god bless u! :)

umangexuberance said...

what a year you have had!!
And it makes me so happy to see you are finally happy and rocking your life :D
You go girl!!