Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Love hurts. Love scars.

I am suddenly better. I am suddenly fine. I am suddenly realising that this is it. The people have been chosen and I have not been picked.

How many posts I wrote about how if he waited and we met again, we would be great.. HOw many posts I wrote about him. Maybe it was unfair for me to ask something like that.
He has a heart too. And the right to let his heart be free. Free of me.

I am happy for him. And his heart. And for all who live in it.

I was worried for myself. Worried that I may never be able to feel again. Feel so loved. But I think I will manage.

Maybe this is what I needed for closure. Maybe I needed him to state it simply that me and him will never be together. Ever again.

He will never whisper in my ears songs of love. He will never wish for me to be with him on nights of rain. His hand will never hold my hand again. Or cradle my head.

I love... I will always... I wish I had never left. I wish that so badly.

But I will be fine. And he will be happy.


iggy said...

I still don't have closure :(

But good for you!

Zed said...

:) be happy bum...:) and btw no1 'wins' a break-up! :)

zephyr said...

oh well.. im still trying iggy.. n Vday aint making things better.. :)

zed!! u finally commented.. :)

Anonymous said...