Sunday, 15 February 2009

I miss love. And having my own special someone to call at 3 in the morning. I miss miss miss... :)

where are you??
Yes YOU!!
the one who is supposed to love me through all my craziness! The one who will actually stand his ground when he says I will love you like no other and through the most furious storms.
Hurry up and come because I miss you. I dont know you yet but I miss you... I know you will make me calmer and make my impulsive childish heart love again..

I am waiting :)


Anonymous said...

Compared to me, you're super brave.I could never smile and watch on as the world was absorbed in love and me cutting up inside.I hope it's this strength and hope for the best in others which brings you to happiness.
All the best.

Aj said...

the book of humans say that if u dont hav a luv fr v day then its time for u to go anti-vtine

ofcorze you can stop when you find some one...

iv been anti-vtine since 16 long yearz



Raghav said...

that was sweet,
..he has two ppl in love with him?

is he really that special?

hope u find that special someone, and hope he makes you forget HIM

iggy said...

"I miss love."

What a beautiful line!! As always, I relate to this post :) Loved it!

zephyr said...

thank u all!! :)


no no i dont love him anymore..
n i wont ever forget him :)

Anonymous said...

Have u considered that someone else might be waiting for you?

zephyr said...

@anonymous: firstly I am super curious to know who u are :P

and secondly I hope he doesnt have to wait longer :)

workhard said...

Join the club girl.. me in the same boat as you are, still waiting.

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