Thursday, 16 October 2008


ok... A friend of mine just informed me how he was cringing at some of the things I said in my 'I miss.." post... oh well... Maybe when this cloud around my head descends, I'll cringe too and wonder why in the world did I put up so many of my personal feelings right out in the open for everyone to read and comment on...
But at the end of the day what do I fear so much? people's opinions about how lame they think I am, to be writing like this? Or people's pity?
I guess the reason I am anonymous is because I fear being judged...
Someday I'll get over this fear... Soon... Hopefully..
This blog post may just be the first step... =)
But ya.. I shall continue to be whatever it is I am... [I am being referred to as quite a few things these days anyways.. =)]


Vagrant Seeker said...

ok im here again,

1. " =)" does ths mean u r smiling?
2. blogs are made for the exact purpose to which you are attempting to adhere- anonymity. So its alright to remove our dirty lipstick in public on blogosphere.
3. and lastly, acceptance is tough thing to accept or even to come to terms with.

thats all, enjoy your blogging spree ths vacation, i shall drop by whenever i get time n remember the link. And i'd keep contaminating your comment space coz i am currently suffering from writers/workers block and will vent out all writing power at places like these, thank you very much :)

zephyr said...

n u knw im dying to see u update!! i have a poem u wrote in belgaum though.. i'll mail it to u if u want.. n yes '=)' does mean im smiling.. hehe..

Vagrant Seeker said...

well to save u from dying, :P yes i did just put a silly flash-fiction type short short story on my writing blog, can check that out.

and yes please, if you could send me that poem, its not great I know, but I'd still like them for keeps,

Da said...

hehe.. perhaps the 'friend' who told you that he "cringed" did so cuz he was remembering how some of the things you missed used to be a bit of a problem for him in his own personal interactions with women!!!