Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Clean breaks and Lost innocence...

I am always in a hurry.
I always want to know everything about someone.
I need to investigate... inquire... scratch beneath the surface...

I am afterall a very open person.
But it struck me that maybe sometimes people don't want to open up instantly. They don't want you to know so soon the past moments in their lives. The moments of intense joy. And specially the moments when they felt that they couldn't go on anymore.

There are things too that I don't talk about. That I never want to even think about.
Maybe we all deserve a clean break from the past sometimes.
Is it wrong to have a fresh start and let the past be?

I got a weird message today from a man from my past. A long time ago he meant the world to me. And I felt sad knowing how much I had changed over the years.
I used to be more of a believer then.
I believed him with all my heart and innocence.
And I believed in love. The simple uncomplicated feeling of love.

Is that innocence lost now?
Have I seen too much to believe again?

Now people tell me how fragile the concept of Love and commitment is nowadays.
And I realise that maybe what I am looking for doesn't even exist.
It has stopped bothering me now. I have accepted and have gotten lost in this changing world.

the world that I don't understand.


Nikita Banerjee said...

I think this is a phase till you meet someone who makes your heart flutter and turns you into a believer again. Such is life. Everything goes round and round in circles. :)

Pesto Sauce said...

I too am a bit lost these days on where the age of innocence has gone, if you know do drop me a line