Monday, 25 April 2011

People have lost the plot !

we work in Advertising and NO we are NOT fighting a war.. Doing a job with sincerity is one thing but to be made to believe that it will be the end of the world if something goes wrong is stretching it! People have seriously lost the plot.. I repeat we work in the business of making Ads and selling stuff.. we don't rid the world of social evils yet, through advertising.. We're not doctors or soldiers.. They are the ones with the real stress.. So stop taking stress or giving stress that will end up killing you with a nervous breakdown !

When did it all become about this? quantity over quality??
When did work become more important than life itself?? And the beauty of what life has to offer?When did work become life? It makes me sad to see amazing human beings feeling trapped in stress brought on by things that they loved before and love now..

We have lost perspective about what is important in life.. We have lost what brought smiles on our faces.. We have lost inspirations and the desire to look beyond the banalities of everyday life..

NO it is NOT the end of the world..
The world might just end one day when countries start nuking each other.. And THAT is when we will realise that while we sat and stressed over the business we were getting and the awards we were winning, - the world got nuked, we forgot about love and mount everest got leveled before you could fulfil that dream of your's to climb it..

Wake up.. there is a world outside you refuse to acknowledge.. Experiences you are pushing away for tomorrow.. A tomorrow which is far from your control..Seriously go climb everest before it is underwater or nuked!

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