Monday, 8 March 2010

I love the layers...
The depth...
of you and me...

Things change but we dont..
I love the silent glances
I love the sudden quiet..
I love the songs and the desperate calls..

We have decided to hide..
the need to disappear..
from the ones who care..

Maybe they care too much..

I dont want to erase...
I cant..

I am no clementine..

I am just a moment..
That passed...
We are just a moment..
We hoped that we'd hold it and make time stand still..

But we are mortals as well..

I love that we are flawed..
I love that we have the strength in us to accept that...

I love that I love you... Today and definitely tomorrow..

But I love that I know and so do you..
that we are just a figment of our imagination.. we are creators of perfect situations.. we blind and are blinded..

here's to you and here's to me...
here's to us and our dreams... some fulfilled and some forgotten..

1 comment:

Swasti said...

you are not 'a moment that passed'! arrgh!! how i hate it when you write such things!