Tuesday, 20 May 2008

This is a question.....

Does killing an individual yourself any different than asking for his death through courts?
what do u think?


Raghav said...

pieces is nicely done.
liked it.
and no its the same.
in your head, you have already wished him death, maybe even visualised it.
you have let enough hate into your heart to blacken it, asking the courts for it, is just making it acceptable to 'society'.
so they wont brand you as the murderer that you already are.

zephyr said...

thank u.. someone agrees.. finally..

Da said...

my apologies for hurt sentiments, i am certain that the earlier comment was made with some thought put into it.. zephyr wanted my input, so here goes.

First and foremost, the assumption that you become a murderer by thinking or even willing death to a dude on death row deserves a long string of adequately acerbic adjectives, starting with the somewhat mild but effective 'ridiculous'! the earlier comments have been made on overtly simplistic assumptions, which in my humble opinion, have been based on almost no, or at most casual, reflection. the question revolves around killing an individual yourself, as opposed to asking a court to kill him. the question itself is somewhat flawed, in that you would ask the court for justice, which in your view might be death to the offender. but that makes u human, not a murderer. and asking a court to sentence the offender to death does not in any way make you complicit to 'legal murder' (not a technical term), for the simple reason that the court doesn't care two hoots about how sad u feel, or how desparately you want revenge. when a court arrives at a death sentence, it does so after a lotta deliberation, and it has to be approved of by a higer court. there are safeguards all over the place to help the offender escape the noose, n rot away in prison instead. now, u can request/threaten/plead/beg a court to punish an offender with death, but you'll only be paying your lawyer to make it sound like the offender deserves it. you go kill the guy yourself, and it's your neck that might find itself in a noose. so the answer is yes, killing an individual is way different from asking for his death through courts.
I will to some extent agree that a court condemning a guy to death makes his killing accetable to society, but this is a forced acceptance. society may or may not like the decision, but it must accept it as a manifestation of the judge's idea of justice, which is atleast presumably not based on any notions of revenge...

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Impressionist said...

I dont have an answer for this! Really!


Sach said...

naah! it's different..
y nt luk @ it this way..
U wish 2 kill sm1 coz u hate him or his exsistence while d court ppl sending sm1 2 death bcoz they hate him n not you..
what say??

in btw..nice blog :)

the_harpooner said...

kill him urself - murder, illegal
kill him thru the courts - not murder and very much legal.

It all depends on whether u care about the legality or not.